Terp Tea Bloom 9 Pounds - Roots Organics
  • Terp Tea Bloom 9 Pounds - Roots Organics

    Roots Organics Terp Tea Bloom provides essential nutrition for high-yielding plants, in crops of different scales.


    This high quality dry fertilizer is simple, complete and 100% natural. It is a powerful formula for growth and flowering, which can serve as basic nutrition or as a supplement, administered in large batches or controlled feeding.


    It is a premium source of NPK that positively impacts the vigor, size and flavor of the fruits.

    Derived from: Bat guano, fish bone meal, crab meal, seaweed meal, non-GMO soybean meal, seabird guano, feather meal, langbeinite, kieserite, phosphate rock, potash sulfate, dolomite . It also contains non-plant food ingredients, beneficial bacteria, and beneficial fungi.


    • CDFA certificate

    • Does not contain GMO

    • ICA REGISTRATION No. 12014


    It also contains plant-free food ingredients.


    * Bacteria content:

    Bacillus licheniformis

    25,000,000 CFU per gram


    Bacillus megaterium

    25,000,000 CFU per gram


    Bacillus simplex

    25,000,000 CFU per gram


    Bacillus subtilis

    50,000,000 CFU per gram


    * Content of mycorrhizal fungi:

    Funneliformis mosseae

    0.1 PROPAGULES per gram


    Rhizophagus aggregatum

    0.04 PROPAGULES per gram


    Rhizophagus intraradices

    1.0 PROPAGULES per gram


    Septoglomus deserticola

    0.1 PROPAGULES per gram


    NUTRITION PROGRAM GUARANTEED COMPOSITION When applying in large tanks, be sure to stir the Roots Organics Terp Tea Grow into a smaller container (such as a 5 gallon bucket) before adding to the tank.


    Range of application
    Liquid application Add 1 teaspoon (5 ml) to 1 tablespoon (15 ml) per gallon of water. Prepare for 24 hours in an airy and well-ventilated environment.

    Top amendment or mix in the middle Add 1 teaspoon (5 ml) per gallon of potting mix.


    Total Nitrogen (N) 3.4%
    Ammonia Nitrogen 3.4%
    Assimilable Phosphorus (P 2 O 5) 7.49%
    Water soluble potassium (K 2 O) 4.00%
    Total Calcium (CaO) 10.0%
    Total Magnesium (MgO) 5.0%
    Sulfur (S) 5.29%
    Zinc (Zn) 29%
    Silicon (SiO 2) 24.0%
    Total Oxidized Organic Carbon 7.5%
    Sodium (Na) 0.87%
    Humidity 5.52%
    Electrical Conductivity CE: 1: 200 1.37 dS / m
    pH: 6.2 (Sol. 10%)

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