Waterproof Vertical Garden 8 Pockets Grow Bags
  • Waterproof Vertical Garden 8 Pockets Grow Bags

    SKU: GBJV16B

    Add beauty, functionality and oxygen to your spaces. Transform them into environments with flowering plants, full of fragrance, life and color.


    Vertical Garden Covers 50cm X 100cm - brick color background

    Vertical gardens have become one of the latest trends in gardening. In addition to saving space, they are ideal for purifying the air inside your home.



    • Material: Made of highly durable geotextile, with reinforced sides and high tenacity yarn. Its rear part is waterproof so as not to damage the surfaces.
    • Size: 50cm wide by 100cm high.
    • Pockets: 8 reinforced pockets of 25cm wide by 14cm long and 4L capacity each
    • Color: Black with orange.


    We recommend that you sow what you have always dreamed of!
    The Scent Jasmine produces a spectacular fragrance at night and blooms in an elegant white geometric shape, the English Nail covers large areas in a thin dark green layer, and the Yellow Cup blooms large with a strong and beautiful yellow. You can also harvest basil, coriander, oregano, thyme, spearmint, ginger, garlic, mint, rugula, spinach, cherry tomatoes, strawberry, blackberry, and many other delicious fruits, herbs, or vegetables; You won't even have to bend over to harvest.



    They are ideal for your balconies, houses, offices, business centers or farms. Its rear is waterproof and designed to hang from brick, concrete, railings, or directly from trees on your farm. Four (4) units cover an area of ​​2m² and with a capacity of 32 large pockets, they will give life to the space and you will be able to harvest in an organic and healthy way for your family.


    Easy installation:

    1. Simply hang on the nails on your chosen surface.
    2. Add substrate to pockets
    3. Put the seedlings in them
    4. Water the plants regularly


    Our Gardens or Vertical Gardens are built with 8 reinforced pockets to withstand years hanging outdoors and are suitable for any plant, succulent or vegetable. There is no risk of making the plant sick from overwatering because gardens are designed to drain water through the micro-pores in their fabric, which in turn allows air to circulate around the plant to achieve optimal growth. This prevents disease and keeps the root in its ideal moisture and nutrient point. Ensuring even and fertile plant growth.


    You are buying quality and at the request of many of our clients we have decided to apply our experience of more than 10 years in the Agroindustry to launch these Vertical Gardens, which have a 6-month warranty by factory defect.



    Tip: When watering your vertical garden or vegetable garden, start with the upper pockets, to continue with the lower ones. If you are looking for a way to keep your garden spectacular while reducing water consumption, we recommend purchasing the drip irrigation system. It's a great way to save valuable water resources and lower your monthly water bill. Installation is simple, costs less than you think, and can often be done yourself. Cheer up, we will advise you!