Hanging Wall Vertical Flower Pot
  • Hanging Wall Vertical Flower Pot



    Covers 30cm X 100cm


    8 Reinforced Pockets of 2 Liters


    Includes 1 Hanging Matera with 8 Pockets Package


    Each Hanging Matera covers:
    30cm width
    100cm length


    Each Pocket Measures:
    Width of each pocket 15 cm
    Length of Each Pocket: 14cm
    * Measurements may vary 1cm ±


    We recommend that you sow what you have always dreamed of! The Scent Jasmine produces a spectacular fragrance in the evenings and blooms in an elegant white geometric shape, the English nail covers large areas in a thin dark green layer, and the Yellow Cup blooms large with a strong and beautiful yellow.


    Our Gardens or Vertical Gardens are built with 8 reinforced pockets to withstand years hanging outdoors and are suitable for any plant, succulent or vegetable. There is no risk of making the plant sick from overwatering because gardens are designed to drain water through the micro-pores in their fabric. This prevents disease and keeps the root in its ideal moisture and nutrient point. Ensuring even and fertile plant growth.


    The capacity of each pocket is enough for the plants to flourish and fill the environments with fragrances, life and colors. Transform boring, soft and simple spaces into bright and organized spaces. Our clients can harvest herbal plants such as basil, thyme, mint, ginger, garlic, mint, strawberry, blackberry and many more. They are used for all types of plants.


    You are buying quality and at the request of many of our clients we have decided to apply our experience of more than 10 years in the Agroindustry to launch these Vertical Gardens. They are ideal for your balconies, houses, offices, business centers or farms. They will give life to the walls and you can harvest in an organic and healthy way for your family.


    It has the steel nails, but does not include the hammer, substrate or plants. They can hang them on brick walls, concrete, railings, or directly from the trees on their farms. Its back is not waterproof and is not designed to hang over painted finishes or surfaces that cannot get wet. It has a 1 month warranty for factory defects.


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