Drip Watering System Includes Everything 12 Plants
  • Drip Watering System Includes Everything 12 Plants

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    Drip irrigation is adjusted for 0 waste watering. Includes everything to operate immediately. The batteries also because they must be Energizer Alkalinas for the irrigation to operate for 8 months without interruption.


    The system is designed for spaces of 25 square meters. Includes everything you need to build two irrigation lines and feed 12 trees or plants. You can add more stations to irrigation if you have between 20 and 60 psi in your crop. The limit is determined by the available water pressure.


    For the FertiRiego option, we must measure the pressure and ask them some questions. We invite you to call us: 305-468-9456.


    Each Kit has:

    * 1 Mechanical Irrigation Timer, ORBIT brand - Made in U.S.A.
    * 48 Irrigation Stakes.
    * 12 removable drippers.
    * 2 16mm plugs.
    * 1 6-8mm plug.
    * 12 Irrigation Crosses.
    * 1 16mm elbow.
    * 2 T of Irrigation 16mm.
    * Hose Piercer
    * 6 meters of 6mm tube.
    * 16 meters of 16mm tube.
    * 48pcs of 15cm Tube 3mm.
    * 6mm connector.


    You can choose how long to water. Between 15-120 minutes (2 hours) of active watering.


    THE EASIEST TIMER TO USE: Works like an egg timer!


    SAVE YOUR WATER: You will never forget to turn off the faucet! This timer will do it for you.


    LARGE SIZE DIAL: Easy to set dial with a comfortable grip that makes setting the timer simple even while wearing gloves or if your hands are wet.


    DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Highest quality materials to ensure it lasts season after season without worrying about rust or corrosion.


    EASY FIXING: The ergonomic pivot installs quickly and easily on your faucet.


    MANUAL WATER OVERRIDE: Quick and easy access to water without having to remove the timer.


    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: No batteries required.


    The system is easy to install and includes everything you need to power up to 12 plants automatically and without human interference. Drip irrigation gives the plant time to digest food and watering is not wasted. The scheme is completely large and supports any number of plants in your garden.

    This irrigation scheme comes pre-installed and ready to connect and activate. No tools are needed.

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