Sterilized Coconut Substrate x 100 liters
  • Sterilized Coconut Substrate x 100 liters

    The coconut substrate is 100% organic and is used both in hydroponics and in other cultivation systems, such as the traditional ones on land. Its massive use is recent, but it has been experimented with since the 1950s. Coconut palm, from which coconut is obtained.


    Package X 100 liters of sterilized coconut substrate.


    Coconut fiber is a light and easy-to-handle material that provides great benefits for the root development of plants. ... This allows great aeration and oxygenation of the crop, which also promotes great root development.


    Keep in mind that coconut fiber cannot be used by itself as a substrate, since it does not have its own nutrients. The ideal is to mix it with some type of organic substrate such as earthworm humus, in this way, we get a quite nutritious mixture for our plants.


    By mixing a part of coconut in our land, we will achieve greater aeration, which will benefit better root development and perfect oxygenation.