Smart Weather-Based Irrigation Rain Bird ESP-SMTE
  • Smart Weather-Based Irrigation Rain Bird ESP-SMTE

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    The precision of weather-based scheduling with the Rain Bird ESP-SMTE irrigation controller

    This irrigation system is quick to install, water only when your garden or crop requires it, and saves approximately 70 percent in water.


    The revolutionary Rain Bird ESP-SMTE outdoor smart controller comes complete with an integrated weather monitoring system and will take into account both your location, soil conditions, and recent weather events to create the most efficient watering pattern for your watering system. irrigation.

    This controller not only suspends irrigation, but measures instantaneous amounts of rainfall, determines effective rainfall, and calculates exactly how much to adjust your irrigation schedule to avoid over- or under-watering.


    Different plants have different watering requirements. That is why the ESP-SMTE customizes the irrigation program for each zone. It takes into account location, soil type, landscape slope, plant type and density, sun exposure, sprinkler type, and root depth requirements. Based on this area-specific data, the controller optimizes the irrigation schedule to promote lush, healthy plant material in every part of your garden, while substantially reducing water waste and runoff.


    The Rain Bird ESP-SMTE can grow with your landscape, easily expanding from 4 stations to 22 stations with the addition of expansion modules.

    It comes with the drip irrigation kit, with everything you need to add two irrigation lines and power 12 trees or plants. You can add the irrigation stations you want per zone. The limit is determined by the pressure and flow of available water.


    This product includes:

    • Rain Bird ESP-SMT Smart Irrigation Timer with Weather Sensor
    • 1 Perforator
    • 12 removable drippers
    • 2 Caps 16mm
    • 1 Plug 6-8mm
    • 12 Irrigation Crosses
    • 2 16mm elbow
    • 2 Irrigation T 16mm
    • 6 meters of 6mm hose
    • 16 meters of hose 16mm
    • 48 pcs of 15cm Tube 3mm
    • 1 6mm connector. 2 couplings


    No matter how clueless you are, your plants will never run out of water!

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