Water Saver Conical Grow Bag  - 10 Liters
  • Water Saver Conical Grow Bag - 10 Liters

    10 liters pot in highly porous thick industrial fabric in beige Reinforced Smart perfect for home, office, cultivation, terrace or interior.


    We are the skin of its root...


    Quantity: 1 Military quality geotextile pot.



    Conical shape

    Capacity: 10 liters
    Measurements: Height 29 cm, upper diameter 29 cm

    Color: Beige - Ideal for places with high temperatures

    Triple reinforced seams

    high tenacity thread

    Reinforced base with strap

    Plant Marker + Logo
    Organic anti-weed cover

    Reinforced grips or strap handles
    High Durability - Heavy gauge highly porous industrial fabric

    6 months warranty against manufacturing defects.


    Did you know that our pots don't need a filter? So you can fill it to the bottom. In addition, its porous material allows easy ventilation of the root, providing protection against heat and humidity.


    Its skin effect on the root protects the nervous system of the plant against fungi, droughts, high and low temperatures, frost and preserves a moisture balance.


    This allows the young tapping roots to grow to the surface and fill the organic layer more and absorb the fertilizers for a longer time. They reduce mortality in infant trees and increase the probability of root survival in the most critical stages. They increase the number of roots of the plant for better absorption.




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