Asparagus Mary Washington Seeds
  • Asparagus Mary Washington Seeds

    With its great flavor and long green spears, this variety has been the most popular asparagus in recent times.


    Asparagus plants are vigorous and long-lived, they are a perennial vegetable, so you only have to plant them once and enjoy season after season of succulent spears.


    When asparagus plants are grown in a sunny location with good drainage, adequate watering, and adequate nutrients, the plants multiply and huddle over time. ... During this time, a healthy plant should produce around 20 spears.


    Mary Washington's asparagus have juicy stems, they have a characteristic mild and fine bitter taste.

    Asparagus stands out for the large amount of antioxidants, which help delay the signs of cellular aging. On the other hand, they are rich in vitamins C and E. Their low caloric intake allows them to be easily incorporated into restrictive eating plans or intended for weight reduction.



    - They contribute to adequate blood circulation.


    - They prevent constipation, improving intestinal transit, due to its large amount of fiber.


    - They reduce the synthesis of free radicals and protect the immune system.


    - It has very beneficial diuretic agents for hypertension, fluid retention, bladder diseases, and diabetes.


    - Its B complex vitamins help to keep the nervous system relaxed.




    - They help prevent premature aging of the skin and contribute to skin renewal, as they provide a soft and smooth texture.


    - The antioxidant power of vitamin A is a great ally to protect your skin from sun damage and fight acne, since this vitamin reduces the production of sebum in the pores.


    - As for hair, it can be used to combat hair loss, as it keeps hair follicles healthy.


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