Intelligent Irrigation Complete Rain Bird Controller 12 Stations
  • Intelligent Irrigation Complete Rain Bird Controller 12 Stations


    Develop smarter and easier ways to manage your irrigation system with the ESP-TM2 irrigation controller

    The perfect choice for irrigation solutions, this controller offers simple water-saving features that you will actually use.


    Worry less about your garden and irrigate smarter with the flexibility and adaptability of the RainBird irrigation controller.


    Ideal for indoor or outdoor installations, this controller is quick and easy to set up and program thanks to its friendly menus and backlit display. Enter a few details and then let the ESP design do the rest.


    With the flexibility of 3 programs and 4 available start times per program, you can tailor your watering schedule to the needs of your garden.


    This outdoor watering controller features 1-touch manual watering, delay watering up to 14 days, and seasonal adjustment to save water. It is also equipped with non-volatile memory, saving controller setup even after long power outages.


    This timer is compatible with the Rain Bird LNK WiFi module (Not included, sold separately), which allows you to customize and control your irrigation system directly from your mobile device or smartphone.


    It comes with the drip irrigation kit, with everything you need to add two irrigation lines and power 12 trees or plants. You can add the irrigation stations you want per zone. The limit is determined by the pressure and flow of water available.


    This product includes:


    • Smart irrigation timer
    • 1 Perforator
    • 12 removable drippers
    • 2 Caps 16mm
    • 1 Plug 6-8mm
    • 12 Irrigation Crosses
    • 2 16mm elbow
    • 2 Irrigation T 16mm
    • 6 meters of 6mm hose
    • 16 meters of hose 16mm
    • 48 pcs of 15cm Tube 3mm
    • 1 6mm connector. 2 couplings


    No matter how clueless you are, your plants will never run out of water!

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