Vertical Garden Kit Geotextile 2mx2m With Drip Irrigation
  • Vertical Garden Kit Geotextile 2mx2m With Drip Irrigation

    2 meter x 2 meter vertical garden kit plus Orbit Conserve drip irrigation system
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    Package: 2mx2m High Durability Geotextile Vertical Garden Combo + Orbit Conserve Drip Irrigation System
    * Measurements may vary 1cm ±


    We recommend that you sow what you have always dreamed of!


    The Scent Jasmine produces a spectacular fragrance at night and blooms in an elegant white geometric shape, the English Nail covers large areas in a thin dark green layer, and the Yellow Cup blooms large with a strong and beautiful yellow. You can also harvest basil, coriander, oregano, thyme, spearmint, ginger, garlic, mint, rugula, spinach, cherry tomatoes, strawberry, blackberry, and many other delicious fruits, herbs, or vegetables; You won't even have to bend over to harvest.


    The capacity of each pocket in our vertical gardens is enough for the plants to flourish and fill the environments with fragrances, life and colors. Transform boring, soft and simple spaces into bright and organized spaces. Our clients can harvest herbal plants such as basil, thyme, mint, ginger, garlic, mint, strawberry, blackberry and many more. They are used for all types of plants.


    In addition, this kit includes a smart drip irrigation system and comes with a rain delay for water conservation. It is resistant and withstands the elements. It can be activated between 1-240 minutes (4 hours) of active watering. You can program it to water at intervals from 6 hours to once every 7 days. So it works for all kinds of gardens, plants and irrigation needs.


    If you wish to water manually, the system comes with a manual override switch that allows you to skip the next scheduled watering. . Save water in drought conditions and save time every time you go to feed your plants.

    It does not include the hammer, substrate or plants. They can hang them on brick walls, concrete, railings, or directly from trees on their farms.