Complete Smart Irrigation Kit WiFi Timer B-hyve 8 Stations
  • Complete Smart Irrigation Kit WiFi Timer B-hyve 8 Stations

    SKU: OBH8Z

    The intelligent use of water in your irrigation system is now possible with Orbit B-hyve Smart Wi-Fi.


    This timer is simple, smart and elegantly designed to be installed indoors.

    Connect to your smartphone and control your timer from anywhere with a cellular or internet connection with your Android, iOS or web app. So whether you're in the garage, in the comfort of your bed, at work, or on the other side of the world, you can monitor and control your watering as if you were next to the timer.


    Quick and easy pairing and control using Bluetooth technology.


    The center button is a multi-color status light to indicate the current timer operation. And it lets you start up to four custom programs for those times when you don't have your phone.


    A perfect timer for new installations or replacement applications, it can be set to adjust irrigation based on the local climate to avoid wasted water and deliver the right amount of water to your plants.


    The smart timer makes adjustments based on weather conditions to ensure your garden or crop is perfectly watered at all times.

    It comes with the drip irrigation kit, with everything you need to add two irrigation lines and power 12 trees or plants. You can add the irrigation stations you want per zone. The limit is determined by the pressure and flow of available water.

    This product includes:

    • Smart Irrigation Timer, Transformer, Terminal Screwdriver, Mounting Kit, Conduit Cover
    • 1 Perforator
    • 12 removable drippers.
    • 2 Caps of 16mm.
    • 1 6-8mm plug.
    • 12 Irrigation Crosses.
    • 2 16mm elbow.
    • 2 Irrigation T 16mm.
    • 6 meters of 6mm hose.
    • 16 meters of hose 16mm.
    • 48 pcs of 15cm Tube 3mm.
    • 1 6mm connector.
    • 2 couplings


    Orbit B-hyve Smart Wi-Fi gets the job done, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the results !!!

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