Smart Irrigation System Timer Rain Bird WiFi 8 Zones
  • Smart Irrigation System Timer Rain Bird WiFi 8 Zones

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    Easy! Simplified Smart Irrigation System - RAIN BIRD ST8 WiFi 2.0 Timer.


    With this new and improved WiFi timer, scheduling your irrigation system is in the palm of your hand. Use your tablet or cell phone to configure, monitor and make changes to watering schedules.


    Access timer functions via wireless network, mobile device within range, or directly via control panel.


    Very easy to program, it allows access to the timer functions from anywhere in the world. Compatible with Apple iOS 8 or higher, Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later, and Amazon Alexa.


    Enable notifications in the Rain Bird app to stay informed of what is happening in your garden in real time, even when you are away from home.
    Use the app to set optimal watering times, water use analysis, and more.


    The daily watering schedule adjusts automatically based on the season, local weather, temperature and humidity. Skip scheduled watering when rain is forecast in your area. Works with or without rain sensor (optional)


    The Water Delay feature suspends watering for 1 to 14 days; programming resumes automatically after the delay ends.


    It is EPA WaterSense certified to provide at least 20% water savings over non-certified timers.

    It comes with the drip irrigation kit, with everything you need to add two irrigation lines and power 12 trees or plants. You can add the irrigation stations you want per zone. The limit is determined by the pressure and flow of water available.


    This product includes:

    • Smart Watering Timer, Transformer, Mounting Hardware, 2 AA Batteries and Instructions
    • 1 Perforator
    • 12 removable drippers.
    • 2 Caps of 16mm.
    • 1 6-8mm plug.
    • 12 Irrigation Crosses.
    • 2 16mm elbow.
    • 2 Irrigation T 16mm.
    • 6 meters of 6mm hose.
    • 16 meters of hose 16mm.
    • 48pcs of 15cm Tube 3mm.
    • 1 6mm connector.
    • 2 couplings

    If you are the type of person who forgets to water the plants, you need this timer !!!

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