Pure Organic Vermicompost - Package x 30 kilos
  • Pure Organic Vermicompost - Package x 30 kilos

    The vermicompost is an organic fertilizer, bioregulator and soil corrector whose fundamental characteristic is biostability, since it does not give rise to fermentation or putrefaction.


    -Package x 30 kilos of pure organic vermicompost.


    The earthworm humus is blackish in color, granular, homogeneous and with a pleasant smell of forest mulch.


    The vermicompost contains a high percentage of humic and fulvic acids; but these are not produced by the digestive process of the worm but by all the microbial activity that occurs during the period of rest within the bed.


    This has a high microbial load of the order of 20 billion dry grain, contributing to the protection of the root from bacteria and nematodes above all, for which it is especially indicated.


    It also produces hormones such as indole acetic acid and gibberellic acid, stimulating the growth and vital functions of plants.


    The vermicompost is a first-order fertilizer, it protects the soil from erosion, being an improver of the physical-chemical characteristics of the soil, of its structure (making it more permeable to water and air), increasing water retention, regulating the increase and the activity of soil nitrites, and the ability to store and release the nutrients required by plants in a balanced way (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur and boron).