Pure Diatomaceous Earth - Package X 20 Kilos
  • Pure Diatomaceous Earth - Package X 20 Kilos

    Diatomaceous earth is a mineral extracted from diatomite, which is a siliceous sedimentary rock formed by the accumulation of fossil diatoms in lakes and seas of the past. This sedimentary rock is easily extractable and pulverizable and currently has a large number of uses both in industrial processes and in agriculture.


    Package x 20 Kilos of pure diatomaceous earth.


    Diatoms are microscopic unicellular algae belonging to the class of Bacilonophyta and constitute a significant portion of the planet Earth's biomass, present in practically all habitats where there is presence of water, some studies estimate that more than 20% of the planet's oxygen is produced by these microorganisms. Diatoms are the most numerous protists on the planet, new species of diatoms are discovered every year and it is estimated that the possible number of species can reach up to two million. Fossil evidence dates the appearance of diatoms during or before the Jurassic period, that is, between 150-200 million years ago.


    Diatomaceous earth is used for both livestock and agriculture, and being a multipurpose product, the possibilities of use are multiplied on a farm.


    How does diatomaceous earth work?


    Diatomaceous earth does not have an insecticidal action by poisoning but by dehydration. The external layer of the insects is lost by abrasion or absorption of the sharp edges of the small silica crystals that form the diatoms, when the insect loses the protection against the loss of water, it desiccates and dies.


    This means that the action of diatomaceous earth is not chemical but physical, which means that, unlike other insecticides, it does not create resistance and also helps its use to be extended to many areas, since at the concentrations in which it is toxic to insects and is completely harmless to people and other mammals.


    INSECTICIDE: highlights its effectiveness as a natural and ecological insecticide against insects (ants, bedbugs and fleas)