Pure Crushed Charcoal - Package x 16 Kilos
  • Pure Crushed Charcoal - Package x 16 Kilos

    Charcoal is obtained by slow (cold) combustion of wood with limited access to oxygen


    Package x 16 kilos Pure crushed charcoal.


    The positive effect of using charcoal as a fertilizer for growing agricultural plants has been known for a long time.


    The use of charcoal as fertilizer:

    • Significantly improves the quality of soils, their structure, nutrient saturation and, consequently, increases crop productivity.
    • Stops the release of volatile carbon into the environment.
    • It is an antibacterial and antiparasitic tool for plants.
    • Removes pesticide residues from the soil.
    • Favorably influences the development of beneficial microorganisms, which improve soil fertility.
    • It works as a soil lifter.
    • Increases oxygen access to plant roots.
    • Increases the permeability of the soil, retains moisture.
    • It prevents the elution of nutrients from the soil, especially in fields of intensive agriculture.