Pressed Peat Seedlings - Jiffys Per Unit
  • Pressed Peat Seedlings - Jiffys Per Unit

    These are small discs of high-quality compacted peat, lined with a mesh. When they get wet they increase in size, making the small hole at the top deeper. They are used for seeding or cutting.


    Jiffys pressed peat seedlings 42x42 mm


    Main uses:

    initial for the rooting and nutrition of medicinal cannabis. used worldwide for the propagation of said crop. Also suitable for vegetables, melon, watermelon, pistachio, nuts. Also for succulents and for the propagation of non-tapping root natives.



    • sprouting and/or germination.
    • rooting speed.
    • Crop homogeneity.
    • labor cost.
    • Irrigation efficiency.


    Nursery time: Between 6 and 7 weeks.

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