Promo Perlita 30Kg - Clean and Sterilized Grow Bags
  • Promo Perlita 30Kg - Clean and Sterilized Grow Bags

    The Perlite Mesh 5 Grow Bags helps the soil drain easily and maintain an ideal air flow. Nutrients can also hang in the cracks, helping plants to be stronger and healthier.


                                                 What is perlite?


    It is a natural volcanic glass that contains a small percentage of water. The processed perlite that we see in garden mixes is basically "volcanic popcorn." When that crushed glass is heated to very high temperatures, the water inside it explodes, exactly like popcorn. The light, foamy balls have many porous openings inside and are clean, sterile, and can easily hold their shape on the ground without falling apart.


                                                       Importance of perlite


    Perlite facilitates two critical processes in soil / hydroponics, which are essential for plant growth:
    • Aeration
    All plant cells need oxygen, even those found underground. The green parts at the top are capable of creating it during photosynthesis. But below, the root system has to absorb it from the soil. Aerating the soil allows small pockets of air to remain, which helps the growth of strong root systems. When the ground flattens, the air pockets are lost. But since perlite is a harder mineral, it retains its shape, keeping those pockets of air around the roots.

    • Sewer system

    Without water, no living thing can survive. But when it comes to plants, excess water in the soil can lead to drowning. In this situation, the root system lacks oxygen, leading to death. Proper drainage is crucial to allow empty air spaces to remain in the ground. Adding perlite to the soil improves its drainage capacity, as it has excellent filtering capacity. The presence of all those pores allows most of the excess water to drain out.


                                         Perlite benefits


    They are derived primarily from its unique physical and chemical properties:

    • The natural texture and shape allow an optimal environment for water retention and drainage.
    • It is physically stable and retains its shape even when pressed into the ground.
    • Perlite does not degrade over time, making it a long-term solution.
    • Has a neutral pH level
    • It contains no toxic chemicals and is made from natural compounds found in soil.
    • It is incredibly porous and contains pockets of space inside for air.
    • It can hold a certain amount of water while allowing the rest to drain.
    • The sterile material is perfect for seed starting.
    • The particles have a large surface area.
    • Free of diseases, weed seeds and insects.


                                      How to use perlite?


    In Soil Mixes: You can make your own homemade soil mixes using a combination of perlite, loam and peat in equal measures. In pots, it keeps everything loose, airy, and well-drained.

    On the surface: Perlite can also be spread on the surface of the soil, where it acts as an absorbent agent. It will gradually work into the soil, improving drainage.

    For root cuttings: stimulates root growth much better than plain water. You can place your seed or seed cuttings in an air-filled Ziploc bag containing moistened perlite for several weeks.


    Tip: Lighten pots and containers by adding this amendment to the soil before planting.


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