Monitor Guardian Connect Bluelab
  • Monitor Guardian Connect Bluelab

    The Guardian Monitor Connect is a constant indicator of the desired pH, conductivity and temperature levels of your nutrient solution, allowing you to optimize these parameters.


    In cultivation, what is not measured cannot be controlled and what is not controlled cannot be improved.


    For this reason, within our offer we have a wide range of monitoring equipment such as: meters, controllers and timers from the leading brands in essential equipment for precision horticulture.


    It standardizes vital processes within the crop such as: irrigation, lighting or ventilation and controls the measurement of essential factors such as: pH, electroconductivity, temperature, among others.


    The Guardian Monitor Connect wirelessly monitors and records essential nutrient solution parameter data (pH, conductivity, and temperature) when combined with a Bluelab® Connect ™ Stick 2 and a computer. Keeping track of the growth history on your computer will give you the blueprint for growing success over and over again.


    Protect your results by setting a high and low alarm range on each parameter and receive a digital notification if solutions move outside of the set alarm ranges.

    Probe cable length: 2 meters / 6.5 feet


    You can access the data via the cloud from a remote mobile device or computer to check for extreme variations and ensure these critical parameters are hitting the mark for a successful harvest. The computer on which you are already logging data will need permanent access to the Internet.


    • Wall mount for continuous viewing with large, easy-to-read screen

    • Data logging capability (ONE Bluelab Connect Stick required, sold separately)
    • Remote viewing with free software and Bluelab Connect applications available online.
    • View data and current status remotely through Google Docs (requires a computer with permanent Internet access)
    • No calibration required for conductivity and temperature (factory calibrated)
    • Push button pH calibration
    • Selectable conductivity and temperature values
    • Intermittent high and low alarms (not audible)
    •, and built with greater tolerance to RF / electronic interference
    • Water resistant design
    • International power supply included
    • Replaceable double junction pH probe included
    • Bright, plant-safe green LED with adjustable brightness
    • Non-volatile memory
    • Compatible with Bluelab Connect Stick and Bluelab Connect Range Extender

    • Easy to navigate menu for programming and adjusting settings
    • Total weight: 0.83 kg
    • Packaging dimensions: 22 x 13 x 10 cm