Liquid Organic Hummus - Happy Cows
  • Liquid Organic Hummus - Happy Cows

    Organic Liquid Humus - Packaging with Dispenser - 10 ml sealed syringe.


    Our organic bovinease is a concentration of natural compost without pollutants, heavy metals or petrochemicals. Natural cow waste is heat sterilized and then loaded with organic bio-stabilizers to ensure assimilable and clean feed for plants. This ancestral food is ideal for pharmaceutical plants, vegan foods, organic certifications, and fruits with a high level of sugars and vitamins.


    Our cows are happy because they are fed an organic diet and are not vaccinated. So your compost is free of pollutants and traces that are harmful to human health. Their diet is diverse and the grass is free of pesticides or herbicides. The conditions are wide and the cows are happy to help in the fertilization of our natural foods.


    This fertilizer is ideal for fertilizing home gardens, farms, fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and gardens of all styles.

    Oxidizable carbon: 20.4 gr / L

    Potassium K20: 47 gr / L

    Calcium (Ca0): 9 gr / L

    Magnesium: 3 gr / L

    Silicon: 3.1 gr / L

    pH: 6.49


    INSTRUCTIONS. Watch out. highly concentrated. Keep out of the reach of children or pets. Mix with live water, and water evenly around the root or silver of the tree. Avoid excess or waste watering. For best results, water slowly.


    DOSAGE: Mix 5 ml of Happy Cows hummus in one liter of water. Preferably aerated and stabilized. 1 liter of mixture boosts and nourishes between 10 and 20 trees. recommended between 2 - 5 times per month.




    Oxidizable carbon: 20.4 gr / L - it is essential for the biological activity of the soil. It provides energy resources to soil organisms (OS), mostly heterotrophs, in the form of labile carbon (carbohydrates or organic compounds).


    Potassium K20: 47 gr / L - is used to maintain the turgor pressure of the cell (which means that it prevents the plant from premature wilting). In addition, potassium plays a role in the correct formation of stomata (cells usually located on the underside of the leaf, which open and close to allow the exit of water vapor and residual gases) and acts as an enzyme activator. .


    Calcium (Ca0): 9 gr / L - it is essential for the permeability of the membrane and the absorption of nutritive elements. Calcium is part of the structure of the walls and membranes of cells.


    Magnesium: 3 gr / L - this element is the central atom in the chlorophyll molecule. Chlorophyll is the blood of plants and gives them their dark green color. Magnesium drives the photosynthesis process; it also intervenes in the activation of enzymes necessary for foliar development. Promotes protein synthesis.


    Silicon: 3.1 gr / L - improves tolerance to droughts and delays premature defoliation of some crops that depend on rainwater. It improves the resistance capacity of plants to the toxicities of micro-nutrients and other heavy metals (for example, aluminum, copper, iron, manganese, zinc, among others). Silicon strengthens the cell structure of the plant to carry more fruit.


    pH: 6.49 - Acidity is measured on a scale of pH values ​​that oscillates between 0 and 14, with pH between 5.5 and 6.5 being the optimal range established so that there is a greater availability of nutrients for the most crops (with exceptions). The pH of the irrigation solution is essential for proper fertigation management. A system that doses fertilizers and acid in a stable way, without fluctuations in pH and connectivity, will lead to a good development of the crop and an increase in the quality and quantity of production.

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