HPK 5 Gallon - Roots Organics
  • HPK 5 Gallon - Roots Organics

    Roots Organics HPK is the liquid bloom booster every plant needs. Contains: seabird guano and phosphate rock, these being incomparable reserves of phosphorus and Langbeinite, a powerful source of potassium and magnesium that is carefully mined from the ancient seabed in the desert of the southwestern United States.


    Aurora Innovations has taken generations of gardening experience and made it a distinctive, easy-to-use formula for growers around the world. Roots Organics HPK is minimally processed to preserve all the benefits and qualities present in each of the ingredients in this product.


    Derived from: Guano from seabirds, phosphate rock and langbeinite


    CDFA certificate

    Does not contain GMO



    HPK is phosphorus from seabird guano supplemented with potassium from a mineral called langbeinite.


    Range of application

    Liquid application and hydroponics

    Add 1 to 3 teaspoons (5 - 15 ml) per gallon. Use during the fruiting or flowering stage.


    Total Phosphorus (P 2 O 5) 54.00 g / L

    Assimilable Phosphorus (P 2 O 5) 46.00 g / L

    Potassium Soluble in water (K ​​2 O) 33.00 g / L

    Total Calcium (CaO) 65.00 g / L

    Total Magnesium (MgO) 28.00 g / L

    Iron (Fe) 1.80 g / L

    Manganese (Mn) 1.60 g / L

    Copper (Cu) 1.80 g / L

    Zinc (Zn) 610 g / L

    Total Oxidized Organic Carbon 25.30 g / L

    Sodium (Na) 5.73 g / L

    Insoluble Solids 38.9 g / L

    Electrical Conductivity CE: 1: 200 1.99 dS / m

    pH: 4.24 (Sol. 10%)

    Density at 20 ° C: 1.30 g / ml

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