Mycorrhiza 40 Kg - Grow Bags
  • Mycorrhiza 40 Kg - Grow Bags

    Mycorrhiza - Root Activator - 40 kgs:

    This is a solid concentrated additive of micro-organisms that care for and promote root growth. This microbiological load contains more than 200ug of disciplined spores willing to give their lives for the roots.


    This mixture is a loaded concentration of Mycorrhiza, Rhizo-bacteria, Stabilizers, Trichomes among others.


    It is a product for organic crops, free of pollutants, heavy metals or petrochemicals.


    This material is completely natural and organic; It contains the necessary elements to promote the development of plants in all its stages.


    This compost is ideal for fertilizing and nurturing your home gardens, farms, fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and gardens of all styles.

    The benefits of mycorrhizae in your plants and crops
    The symbiotic relationship between the fungus and the vegetation is of great benefit to both. While the plant will see how the reserves of nutrients it needs to grow increase, the fungi will obtain the sugars it requires.
    But the plant not only takes advantage of this, the mycorrhizae have more benefits:

    • Improved absorption of water and nutrients.
    • Increased tolerance to periods of drought and saline soils.
    • Increased resistance to the attack of pathogenic fungi that can generate certain diseases.
    • Optimal root development and consequently improved plant growth.
    • The structure of the soil changes or, in other words, it is enriched.


    Micro-organisms need air every day. The air encourages the colonization of the micro-organisms found in this mixture. The combination of pots covered with micro-pores is essential to make the most of the nutrients. The roots alone cannot collect all the micro-proteins available in the soil. The fabric of the pot regulates the entry of fundamental gases to feed the micro-biological fauna.


    Tips: You should know that when you dig, plow or do other tasks in the garden, you are destroying the daughters of the fungus. In addition, a continued and excessive use of chemical fertilizers will not help the formation of mycorrhizae either.


    Did you know that our pots do not need a filter? So you can fill it to the bottom, without stones, or drainage systems. If you lift them from the surface, you isolate them from thermal shocks and the air enters the most compact part of the pot; where it is difficult to move for the root.

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