5 Large Weed Killer Mats for Plants & Trees
  • 5 Large Weed Killer Mats for Plants & Trees

    SKU: 5MAM100

    Anti Weed Mantle
    We are the skin of its roots ...


    Package includes 5 units
    Size: 100cm wide by 100cm long.
    Shape: Square


    Permeable cover for the root of the tree and protects against weeds, fungi, droughts, high temperatures, frosts and maintains a moisture balance. This allows the young absorbent roots to grow towards the surface and fill the organic layer more and absorb the fertilizers for a longer time.


    They reduce mortality in infant trees and increase the probability of root survival in the most critical stages. Avoid eco-evaporation, erosion and evaporation of fertilizers. The weight of the mantle holds the fertilizers so they don't roll or wash off when it rains.


    They have been tested in Colombia for more than 3 years in industrial crops, and a little more in California, we have been there since 2009. They are used for greenhouse and outdoor c