Burnt Rice Husk - Package x 50 Liters
  • Burnt Rice Husk - Package x 50 Liters

    The burnt rice husk, as its name indicates, is the rice capsule subjected to high temperatures, it acts as a substrate or organic complement for commercial crops or ornamental plants, the high temperatures to which it is subjected sanitize the product, discharging it from pathogenic microorganisms that can represent a problem for our plants.


    Package x 50 Liters of burnt rice husk.


    Burnt rice husk is considered one of the most widely used soil improvers. Burnt rice husks disintegrate more slowly than raw rice husks, because microorganisms (bacteria) attack the char resulting from burnt rice husks less easily.


    In its use as a substrate, either alone or mixed with other by-products or compost, it results in an economical and available substrate, compared to peat, rock wool or perlite.