3 Liters  Reinforced Grow Bags
  • 3 Liters Reinforced Grow Bags

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    We are the skin of its roots ...

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    Perfect for the home, office, garden, terrace or interior: 3 Liters Paint Bucket Type


    Size: 15 cm in diameter by 18 cm in height.
    Circle shape
    Reinforced base and handles
    High durability thread.


    Matera or flowerpot of permeable fabric that allows the entry of fundamental gases (Nitrogen, Oxygen, CO2) for the root and microbiological nourishment in the substrate. The fabric is strong and highly permeable. Thus, it allows the water to pass through and allows a uniform drainage of the water through the walls and the base.


    Its skin effect on the root, protects the nervous system of the plant against fungi, droughts, high temperatures, frosts and maintains a moisture balance. This allows the young absorbent roots to grow towards the surface and fill the organic layer more and absorb the fertilizers for a longer time.


    They reduce mortality in infant trees and increase the probability of root survival in the most critical stages. They increase the number of roots of the plant for better absorption. They have been tested in Colombia for more than 3 years in industrial crops, and a little more in California, we have been there since 2009. They are used for aquaponic crops.


    They are ideal for ornamental plants of all kinds, avocados, gulupa, coffee, cocoa and high-yield citrus. Reusable pots. They are suitable for any type of substrate - easy drainage. They increase the number of roots of the plant for better absorption.


    DOES NOT INCLUDE THE SUBSTRATE OR THE PLANT. They can last for years if they are cared for, they are 100% plastic, recyclable, reusable and ecological. Avoid moving the plant when it is freshly watered.



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