Milwaukee CD611 EC Meter
  • Milwaukee CD611 EC Meter

    Maximize your crop and the use of your fertilizers. With the Milwaukee CD611 Digital Electro Conductivity Meter for Solution you can ensure safely, easily and quickly that your plants are receiving the correct amount of nutrients.

    Thanks to this easy-to-use meter, you will have controlled the fertilizer that you are adding in each watering to your plants, in this way you will never have problems of over fertilization or lack of nutrients when feeding your plants regardless of your method of culture.


    The EC Milwaukee CD611 Digital Meter is a must-have for any grower looking to get the best results. It is also one of the most economical if we count how accurate it is, it makes a reading to decimals allowing you to know the degree of salinity of the water or the nutrient solution.


    CD611 Economical EC Meter Operation


    • Remove the black protection and turn the meter on with the ON / OFF button located above.
    • Plunge it to the limit and wait for the data to stabilize.
    • The meter automatically compensates for temperature variations.
    • After use, run the electrode through water to keep it clean.

    CD611 Economical EC Meter Calibration


    The calibration procedure is simple and fast.

    • Immerse the meter up to the limit in EC 1413 calibration liquid.
    • Wait for the data to stabilize
    • With the screwdriver that is incorporated in the Kit this meter, on the screw on the back, adjust to 1.4 and voila, the meter is calibrated.


    Recommendation: Always use new calibration fluids, never reuse them.