Bluelab Combo Plus Meter
  • Bluelab Combo Plus Meter

    With the Combo Plus Meter get answers at your fingertips. Simple and easy to use this device is all you need for simple, reliable and accurate measurement of pH, conductivity and temperature in a nutrient solution.


    In cultivation, what is not measured cannot be controlled and what is not controlled cannot be improved.


    For this reason, within our offer we have a wide range of monitoring equipment such as: meters, controllers and timers from the leading brands in essential equipment for precision horticulture.


    It standardizes vital processes within the crop such as: irrigation, lighting or ventilation and controls the measurement of essential factors such as: pH, electroconductivity, temperature, among others.


    With the Combo Plus Meter you can measure, manage and control the health and performance of your plants. You will build a better understanding of the complete growing system of your crop.


    Quick and intuitive to use with the push of a button to switch between measurements. 3-in-1 Nutrient Solution Measurement: Measure three key parameters to ensure your nutrient solution is at the proper level and available to your plants. This 3-in-1 device will measure your pH levels, nutrient levels, and temperatures directly in your solution, to optimize nutrient availability throughout the growth system.


    The meter is a lightweight, battery-powered unit that can be used anywhere, anytime to measure critical parameters related to nutrient uptake in plants.

    The Leap pH probe enables fast and accurate pH measurements directly from the root zone in a wide range of growing media including soil, rock wool, coir, and potting mixes, as well as in solution. The detachable probe has a hardened spear tip for durability and is very fast in nutrient solution.

    Easy-to-read backlit display for low-light environments and simple push-button operation to view the chosen parameter.


    • Measure pH, conductivity and temperature in your solution
    • pH probe is removable with double junction, hardened spear tip for quick and accurate pH measurements directly from the root zone and into the nutrient solution. The length of the probe cable is 2 meters / 6.5 feet
    • Robust electrical conductivity probe with integrated temperature sensor

    • Conductivity scale options: EC, CF, PPM500, PPM700, displayed at the touch of a button
    • Lightweight and portable

    • Easy-to-read backlit LCD display for low-light environments

    • Simple two-point pH calibration with 30-day calibration indicator
    • Upper and lower range indicators

    • Low battery indicator

    • Auto power off function
    • No calibration required for conductivity. PH with simple 2-point calibration
    • Manufacturer's 5-year and 6-month warranty on the pH probe
    • Certifications: CE and FCC
    • Works with 2 AAA alkaline batteries included

    • Total weight: 0.49 kg

    • Packaging dimensions: 18 x 11 x 9 cm


    Now it is possible to measure anytime, anywhere with this portable battery meter.


    The Combo Plus Meter Will Include:
    1 Bluelab combo meter
    1 Leap PH probe
    1 conductivity / temperature probe
    2 AAA alkaline batteries


    Simple instructions for use


    Team up with the Bluelab® cleaning and calibration solutions and kit