Fruit & Flower Phosphorous Stack
  • Fruit & Flower Phosphorous Stack

    FRUIT AND FLOWER FITTER - 0 - 0.1- 0 - 7mL


    Phosphoric recharge to the root.


    Purchase includes: Fruit and flower fattener in sealed syringe.
    Size: 7ml, Enough for one plant.
    Made in the USA.

    This supplement is applied only once in the middle of the flowering stage, just when the plant is fattening its reproductive fruit. Its effect on the root, tells the plant to suspend its vegetative growth and focus most of its effort on the production of its fruit.


    As the flower begins to grow rapidly and weighs more, it is important that the stems are well developed or if they had accelerated vegetative stages it is better to hold them with rods or cylinders of countermesh to support the additional weight.




    -Mix 7ml in 7 liters of water per plant.
    If there are 7 plants, I would mix 49ml of Raigo in 49 liters of water.
    -Apply half of the mixture, that is, 3.5L in the morning and the remaining 3.5 liters at night.


    Then, take great care that the roots have enough elements for the increase in dry weight. This increased density in the fruit allows you a recharged flowering to obtain more weight in the fruit. It is best used in industry where the plant has a harvest cycle.


    WARNING: This product is a phosphoric recharge directly to the root and opens your pores. It is only applied in a bath or in the form of a drench, twice a day. It is designed for experienced growers; crystallization or resin may change depending on your post-apply feeding. It is a mineral systemic product and is NOT organic.

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