Soil Kit Pots 35 Liters
  • Soil Kit Pots 35 Liters

    SKU: KS35B


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    The Grow Bags + Roots Organics Kit includes:

    • 4 Reinforced Geotextile Pots of 35 Liters (Diameter 36 cm and Height 37 cm)
    • 3 Bags of Original Potting Soil Roots Organics of 42 Liters - Made in U.S.A.


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    It has this Kit for a high production with a Premium nutrition.


                         What are the Benefits of Grow Bags?


    • Optimal air / water ratio by increasing oxygen in the root zone

    • High porosity that allows the entry of fundamental gases (Nitrogen, Oxygen, CO2) for root and microbiological feeding in the substrate

    • Releases heat - roots stay cooler during hot weather

    • Plants need