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Save the work of aerating your soil, prooning your roots, or building beads for top soil growth. Grow Bags do much of this without much of the added care. Vegetation and fruit development depend on a short, thick and stubby root network to absorb more nutrients.


Fill our Grow Bags to the top and get ready to harvest for several seasons. Growing plants in smart containers allow growers and farmers more control over the roots, the nutrients, the micro-organisms, and water drainage.


As air enters through the micro-pores of our walls, it feed the roots and micro-organisms with Nitrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, and other tasty and delicious gases necessary for full microbiological activation. This is the secret of organic grows, Nature's nanotechnology at work.


Precision agriculture models have shown better results when root-prooning practices are applied in organic farming. This allows for more control over the microbiological activity that interacts with the central nervous system of your plant; the root structure. It is ideal for indoor or greenhouse crops like tomatoes, berries, cannabis, passion fruit among others. 

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