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Materas geotextil
Grow bags for plants
jardines verticales colombia

We manufacture your own brand of soil, compost, flowerpots, fabric bags and vertical gardens. We offer our customers the possibilities to manufacture and deliver a finished product. We are part of a large network of suppliers and raw materials, allowing us to offer 100% organic blends while maintaining competitiveness in the agricultural aggregates market. Our blends are strictly monitored, and we only work with suppliers endorsed by the Colombian Institute of Agriculture (ICA).


Our products have been tested in Colombia for over 6 years in industrial crops and in California since 2009. They are suitable for hydroponic crops, ideal for all types of ornamental plants, avocados, guava, coffee, cocoa, and high-yielding citrus. We are experts in reusable pots, which are suitable for any type of substrate and feature easy drainage. They increase the number of young roots to improve nutrient absorption.

Fabric Flower Pots   -   Vertical Gardens   -   Agricultural Containers   -   Substrates

Fertilizantes organicos


Address: 510 E. 87TH STREET

Oakland, CA, 94158



​​Phone: 1 (510) 480-1148

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